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Edward M. Lichten, M.D., P.C. offers his hysterectomy patients the opportunity of a mini- tummy tuck as part of the same surgical boarding. The 'mini- abdominoplasty' removes excess skin and midline abdominal fat below the umbilicus (belly button). The umbilicus is not excised and surgically repositioned. Superior results noted in these photographs are not guaranteed or implied. The body shape, tone, and location of body fat is unique to each individual over the age of 40 years. Results will vary, although our patients have been enthusiastic about having both surgical procedures done under one anesthesia without adversely affecting the recovery period.

Diet and exercise are extremely important to an excellent outcome. We recommend a program of exercises to strengthen the appropriate abdominal muscles as part of our "tummy tuck" program.

For additional information and fees for the combined surgery please consult Dr. Lichten's office at (248)593.9999

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