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More than two hundred pages of information are included below covering all aspects of the signs, symptoms, diagnoses, cause and treatment of headache, migraine and cluster headaches as presented in the Symposium. Another 100 pages of review from the Treatment of Headache in Norway and Sweden are included bringing the European and American experiences of headache and migraine together in one place.

The symposium directed by Edward Lichten, M.D. offered Continuing Medical Education credit to more than 50 physicians who attended. The speakers were some of the most accomplished specialists in the United States and are listed below:

Treatment of Migraine Seymour Diamond, M.D., Original Founder and Past-Director of the Chicago Diamond Headache Clinic
Emergency Treatments Merle Diamond, M.D., Acting director of the Diamond Headache Clinic
Biofeedback Seymour Diamond, M.D.

Taking the Headache History  

Overview of Hormonal Headaches Edward Lichten, M.D., Director of the Headache Institute for Women, Southeastern Michigan, U.S.A.
Menstrual Migraine Edward Lichten,  M.D.

Menopausal Migraine Edward Lichten, M.D.

Abortive Medical Treatment Bruce Silverman, D.O., Board Certified Neurologist, Southfield, Michigan
Cervicogenic Headache Dennis Dobritt, D.O., Board Certified Anesthesiologist, Southfield, Michigan
Physical Therapy and Cervicogenic Headache Paul Roubal, Ph.D, P.T. Director, Physical Therapy Specialist, Troy, MI
Osteopathic Approach to Cervicogenic Headaches Michael Elkiss, D.O. Director, Gertrude Levin Pain Clinic, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan
Analgesic Rebound Headaches Edward Lichten, M.D.

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Treatment of Headache in Norway and Sweden PART ONE P.O. Lundberg, M.D., Professor and Chairman
Treatment of Headache in Norway and Sweden PART TWO P.O. Lundberg, M.D., Professor and Chairman


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