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Gender-Specific Medicine

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Let the truth be known: men and women are different! As physicians for example, we are trained to treat uterine disease in women and prostate disease in men, because these organs are specific to only one of the sexes. Breast cancer is a disease that can be considered gender-specific. Although breast cancer is found in both sexes, the vast majority occurs in the female. Coronary Artery Heart Disease occurring before 50 years of age can be considered gender-specific because the vast majority of coronary artery disease is found in the male.

There is a gender-specific aspect to midlife menopausal changes experienced by both women and men as well. Fortunately, in women overt medically-recognized symptoms result in their reversal with hormonal replacement. Unfortunately, in men symptoms often are not identified as menopausal, even by the physician. Thus, in the majority of cases, such symptoms go untreated.

The First Breakthrough we discovered is that many Gender-Specific Diseases along with menopausal complaints can and should be treated with naturally occurring hormones. Natural hormones are inexpensive, easy to use, readily available and relatively free from complications. They belong in the body!

The Second Breakthrough we discovered is that Gender-Specific Hormones naturally lowers insulin resistance! Insulin resistance, called by specialists Syndrome-X, comprises not only impaired glucose tolerance (adult onset diabetes), but also obesity, hypertension, high cholesterols, and heart disease. By adding Gender-Specific Hormones we can improve all these medical conditions!

In our CD-ROM book entitled "Gender-Specific Medicine"
you can learn, in part, how we change
the levels of natural hormones to treat:
  1. Aging
  2. Heart Disease in Women
  3. PMS, Menstrual Pain, Endometriosis
  4. Depression in Women
  5. Migraine
  6. Obesity '
  7. Male Menopause
  8. Heart Disease in Men
  9. Depression in Men
  10. Reversing Diabetes

    Dr. Lichten's Ten Breakthrough Lectures on Gender-Specific Medicine are available on CD-ROM in Audio-Visual Format.


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