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Restylane™ and Pearlane™ has been manufactured and distributed in Sweden by Q-med for more than 20 years. As they are purely bio-degradable and not made from bovine (cow) collagen, there are none of the problems of allergic reaction noted with Allergan's products, Cosmoderm™, Zyderm™ or Zyplast™.  These newest, natural hyaluronic acid products are now distributed in the United States by Medicus. Restylane™ and Pearlane™, in my opinion, are such superior products that  they will revolutionize cosmetic anti-aging practice.

MAJOR CREASES and WRINKLES: The smaller creases can be filled by layering the Restylane™.  Pearlane™ is used for smoothing and filling the larger creases.  Together, even major defects can be corrected.

LIP ENHANCEMENT: The intention is to give you the fuller lips you desire. For some patients with very thin lips, the goal may be to have a more normal appearance. For other patients, very thick and sexy lips are the goal.  Some patients desire a defined edge to the lip or a return to their less aged lip.

PROCEDURE DESCRIPTION:   Restylane™ is made of hyaluronic acid, another ground substance in the skin. The acid is cross-linked so that when it is placed into the skin it will have a longer lasting result. While Restylene will last longer than bovine collagen, some patients have reported intermittent lip swelling while the Restylene is in place. It has none of the complications of bovine collagen. It has been used in Europe, Canada and the Far East for 20 years, completely replacing Zyderm™ and Alloderm™. Perlane™  is currently awaiting FDA approved. We have studied the properties of Restylane™ and Perlane™ under Institutitional Review Board protocol. Restylane™ seems to last 8-12 months; 2-3 times longer than collagen products and at comparable prices. All collagen products last for 2-3 months.

     These procedures area always done in our office  with a local anesthesia block that takes only a few seconds to numb your face. You will remain numb for approximately 45 minutes.  During your consultation, the doctor will discuss the full aspects of the procedures:  anesthesia, slight redness at the injection site, possible short term bruising and touch-up in two weeks (should it be necessary). For more complete relief, local anesthetic blocks are routinely used. These use a short-acting anesthetic that can make the procedure relatively painless. There is a fee for these blocks whenever special rates are offered.

RECUPERATION AND HEALING: Postoperative pain is usually minimal. The most common postoperative issue is swelling. This is highly variable and it depends on the technique, how much your lip has been enlarged, and on individual healing characteristics. Swelling could last as long as two weeks.  Lip enhancement can be done either alone or in conjunction with most other cosmetic procedures.

INSURANCE GUIDELINES: These procedures are considered cosmetic and are not covered by insurance. The patient is responsible for payment. Costs of injections of Restylane™  is $399 for one and $750 for two syringes full respectively . Perlane™ is available at $599 for one syringe and $1099 for two syringes. Rarely is more than 3cc used on any individual, although contouring cheeks may take up to 2 cc per side on separate office visits.

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 Edward Lichten, MD, PC
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