Dr. Lichten is an innovator in Anti-Aging Hormone Therapy & Non-Invasive Cosmetic Rejuvenation. We invite you to visit our website scientific articles that include patients interviews and Doctor Lichten performing advanced office and cosmetic procedures.  The links are available to teach you more about the advanced use of Botox™, Restylane™, Hair & Vein Removal,  IPL™ and the Liquid Face-lift!

Bio-Identical (Natural) Hormone Replacement is the newest therapy available to treat disease. Just open any link on the left to see what will be soon recognized in the 21st century as the most advanced techniques for the diagnosis and  treatment of disease.  Find evidence, here, that the answers to some of the most difficult medical conditions are often quite simple to understand and can be easily treated with approved alternatives therapies: testosterone, growth hormone, natural estrogen (estradiol), DHEA, natural thyroid and cortisol. You need to become the well-informed individual who takes an active role in your own healthcare!

Cosmetic Medicine is an exciting new field in which we use hormone therapy and non-surgical procedures to improve your appearances. BOTOX™ reduces facial wrinkles, Restylane™ and Pearlane™  fill deep folds, while IPL™ closes pores, removes red and brown spots and will smooth the aging and sun damaged skin. Sun damaged skin disappears along with fine wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. And with the Palomar™ and advanced non-laser equipment, there can be a non-surgical facelift, vein and hair removal, and reversal of sagging skin and stretch marks all at one time in one office setting!

Growth Hormone opens the door to treating the underlying cause of disease: hormonal and nutritional dysfunction. HGH (growth hormone) can be used to treat Fibromyalgia, Crohn's, heart disease and poor healing. 'Baby Boomers' discover that replacement of all the hormones, diet, vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements can be a healthy change.

Gender-Specific Medicine refers to the exciting new research that men and women respond differently to hormone replacement. Testosterone can help men with Crohn's Disease while Estrogen helps prevent Alzheimer in women. Estrogen treats migraine in women; testosterone treats clusters in men. Dr. Lichten champions his research showing in his studies and the medical literature that testosterone replacement will reduce a diabetic man's insulin and drug needs, reduce central obesity, improve muscle mass and sexual performance.

Breakthroughs in MEDICINE!
Doctor Lichten was the first to identify the cause of menstrual pain and the cure called L.U.N.A. surgery in 1982. One of the forefathers of Laser Laparoscopic surgery, he turned to preventing surgery with his innovative work with natural hormones. He discovered the hormonal connection of endometriosis and Premenstrual Syndrome and found that the same medication cured women's migraines in 1985. in 1995 he discovered the need for testosterone replacement in men and found that the pellets worked well while the gels increased estrogen (bad).  In 1997 he reported to the public that all diabetic men were testosterone deficient and most could eliminate their use of oral diabetic drugs while adding needed testosterone pellets. In 2005 Doctor Lichten uses IV vitamins and minerals in a unique blend to stop asthma attacks in men, women and children. Doctor Lichten remains in the forefront of physicians who prescribe natural vitamins, minerals, proteins, good fats and natural not-synthetic hormones to treat the cause of disease.  "Most of the prescription medication you are taking is unnecessary, expensive and possibly dangerous."  Why take prescriptions when you can take vitamins?  And why not test for vitamin and mineral deficiency before you get sick?

PHYSICIANS can JOIN US at our office  for the most advanced Anti-Aging, Cosmetic and Instructional Course ever offered in the United States. Proctorships with Doctor Lichten are available monthly to doctors and  health professionals. This 2-3 day course includes didactic and hands-on training. When you realize what is 'new' in medicine, you may ask your health professional to refer you to a   

      "USDOCTOR trained doctor!"

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