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The Lichten Wellness Center practices a different, kinder and more comprehensive form of healing. In a comfortable environment, away from the bustle and  hassle of daily life, we take the time to know you and teach you how to incorporate a more natural healing into your daily life.  Therapy begins with the use of bio-identical hormones, nutrients and supplements. Our focus is WELLNESS because WELLNESS is true ANTI-AGING. But healthy or ill, our range of preventive and medical services are one of the most comprehensive,  current and often avant-garde in the fields of medicine. Whether you seek the skilled cosmetic hands of Doctor Edward Lichten for the 'Liquid Face-lift' or therapies for hormonal disturbances of aging whether female or male, Dr. Lichten is astute, understanding and compassionate. As he has not only seen the results from his treatments in more than 150,000 patient visits, but because he is old enough to have experienced these problems with hormone transmission, himself, he understands.
ABOUT DR. LICHTEN. Dr. Lichten has had more than 35 years of experience in conventional, integrative and complementary medical practice, documented in an 10-page curriculum vitae.  You will find an extensive 

CONTENTS in a LIBRARY of medical information,
PRODUCTS to replace  vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

COSMETIC procedures and products that may give you the beautifying natural appearance you desire
FOR MEN and FOR WOMEN because they have different hormonal compositions. Each program will be individually designed to meet each individual's unique hormonal needs.
►go to MAP in the left column for directions when you make your appointment: 248.593.9999

After 40 years practicing medicine, I truly believe we can become HEALERS in MEDICINE! Listen to <<<dr lichten>>> on I-tunes, podcasts below,  or just click on Album 1  Album 2  or Album 3 .

These Amazing New 'Healing'  Treatment Protocols Available!
Consult us about your chronic illness, present medications and new treatments/cures
.   I.R.B. protocols are AVAILABLE ONLY THROUGH office of EDWARD LICHTEN, MD.

OLD CHRONIC DISEASES--DANGEROUS MEDICATIONS--NEW TREATMENTS/ CURES Learn More About Disease         Check out Drug Toxicity                    Patients Speak on I-tunes

  Anemia: dialysis, chronic disease: .Epogen®, Procrit®, Aranesp® listen to podcast   Album 2


.Humira®, Enbrel®, Remicade® listen to podcast   Album 2
  Breast Cancer with menopause: .Evista®,  Femara®, Arimidex®  
  Cardiomyopathy: .Heart transplant listen to podcast  Album 3
  Colitis, ulcerative or Crohn’s: .Methotrexate®, Cimzia®, Enbrel® listen to podcast  Album 2
  Depression: .Paxil®, Effexor®, Wellbutren®  
  Diabetes, insulin or drug therapy: .Byetta®,Januvia®,Actos®,Avandia® listen to podcast   Album 1
  Endometriosis .Lupron®, Goserelin®, Danazol® listen to podcast   Album 2
  Erectile Dysfunction (male): .Androgel®, Viagra®, Cialis® listen to podcast   Album 1
  Female Sexual Dysfunction: .Girosa® listen to podcast  Album 1
  Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue: .Cymbalta®, Lyrica® listen to podcast   Album 2
  Fibroid uterine tumors: .Lupron®, Goserelin®, Danazol® listen to podcast   Album 2
  Heart attack, afterwards: .Plavix®, bypass surgery   listen to podcast   Album 1;
listen to podcast
   Album 1
  Low testosterone, andropause: .Androgel®, Testopel®,  Testim® listen to podcast   Album 1
  Lupus Erythematosis: .Plaquenil®, Imuran®, Cytoxan® listen to podcast   Album 2
  Menstrual pain: painful sex .Lupron®, Goserelin®, Danazol®  
  Menopause: .Premarin®,Cenestra®, Provera® listen to podcast   Album 1
  Migraine: .Imitrex®, Maxalt®, Relpax® listen to podcast   Album 1
  Migraine in Men: clusters .Imitrex®, Sansert®, Topamax® listen to podcast  Album 3
  Osteoporosis: .Humira®, Enbrel®, Remicade®  
  Premenstrual Syndrome: .Celexa®, Sarafem®, Luvox® listen to podcast Album 2
  Deep Vein thrombophlebitis .Coumadin®, Heparin®
  Reflux Sympathetic Dystrophy; .Lyrica®  
  Restless Leg Syndrome .Requip®  
  Seizures, Women, PMS .Dilantin®, Keppra®, Tegretol® listen to podcast   Album 2
  Sjogren's disease: dry eyes .Restasis®, Evoxac®  
  Asthma .Albuterol®, Advair®, Prednisone  

listen to podcast  Album 2

  Hormone Therapy for Couples  

  listen to podcast  Album 1;
  listen to podcast  Album 2;
listen to podcast
  Album 1

   Hormonal Replacement for ..Women (W.H.I.)   listen to podcast  Album 1
  Insomnia .Lunesta®, Remeron®, Desryle®, .Ambien® listen to podcast  Album 1
  Overview of bio-identical hormones and healthy living  

 listen to podcast   Album 2

  Panhypopituitarism .Human Growth Hormone

listen to podcast   Album 2

  Prostate Cancer

.Lupron®, Megace®

listen to podcast   Album 1

  Steroids in non-professional sports


listen to podcast   Album 2

  Trigger point injection for the back and/ or sciatic  pain


listen to podcast   Album 2

   Vitamin Therapy IV (Myer's ..cocktail)  

listen to podcast   Album 2

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