A comprehensive executive evaluation must include modern E.B.T. scannings,  pulmonary function, laboratory blood tests, EKG, and a comprehensive history and physical examination by a well-trained health professional.   Lichten’s Preventative Health and Wellness program testing may identify risk factors that are correctable with supplements and hormonal medication.
   Pre-visit arrangements are made for up to 75 lab tests to be drawn at a commercial laboratory.
   The lab tests and interpretative results are available at your next doctor visit. The goal is to understand the nature of your deficiencies and to become more involved in your own medical care.


1.   Only a limited number of patients can be scheduled on any single day with Edward Lichten, M.D.. The Executive Evaluation can be completed in one day, but most prefer an overnight stay. The requests for Executive Evaluation are recorded by simply calling our toll-free number. Include your name, address, birth date, telephone, fax, credit card information and  number.
2. Our personnel will record what days and times serve you best. Alternative dates and times will allow us to accommodate your requests.
3. Overnight guests may stay at the 5-Star Townsend Hotel which is one block from our office. (Rooms are reserved at a reduced rate for our patients).
4. After completing your Executive Evaluation,  a comprehensive summary report is generated that includes your history, physical exam and testing. A copy of Textbook of Bio-Identical Hormones by Edward Lichten, M.D. will be given to you.
5. Individuals with computers are given access to their medical file that includes initial history, examination, testing and laboratory results. Notes and prescription medication can be added.

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Total Executive Evaluation   $3000.00

(1) 'Plus' Laboratory Testing
         Initial profile of 75 blood tests-   Bill insurance
►CBC, comprehensive, hormonal, thyroid, prolactin
►Hepatitis Screen, Homocysteine, Ferritin, Fibrinogen
►Glycogenated HgB;  Glucose & Insulin Tolerance Test
(2) History and Physical Testing
         Male & Female Physical Examination ‘Plus’
EKG with Computer Analysis       included in fee
Pulmonary Function with Computer Analysis
Women: Pelvic examination and PAP smear
Men:        Rectal (prostate) examination
(3) Electron Beam Tomography
E.B.T. Chest for lung cancer screen           $1350.00
E.B.T. Heart for Calcium Scoring          billed to patient
E.B.T. Virtual Colonoscopy, abdominal C.T. Scan
Arteriography of Coronary/ Carotid Arteries  'extra'
(4)  Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets
    Painless insertion and follow up        $  750.00
Men Only: 6 Testosterone Pellets  -----separate billing
Women: 2 Estradiol & 2 Testosterone Pellets

Terms and Conditions
Edward M. Lichten, M.D. is a consulting physician. These services establish a bi-annual physician–patient relationship. Other services, including follow-up visits, consultation, prescriptions, lab tests and further testing are the responsibility of the patient. No billing is made to Medicare, Medicaid or private health insurance. Patients must seek a local licensed health professional for  follow up care.
[ ] TERMS and CONDITIONS: I agree to pay for services circled above. 50% cancellation fee applies.
Make checks payable to:                        EM Lichten MD PC

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