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DETOXIFICATION: Has been a calling card for many aspects of alternative medicine.  As a rule, I do not belong to the school that feels colonic therapy is a mainstay of detoxification, but I have physician colleagues who do and have had success with very ill individuals.

As a rule, I do believe in the body as an energy system and have seen patients, including myself and my son, that respond quite favorably to osteopathic manipulation, Rolfing, Renke, acupuncture, massage therapy, and homeopathy.  As these forms of treatment are not truly overly invasive, if they work, great.  I just don't believe in paying for three treatments a week for 20 weeks without dramatic results.

Therefore, in an effort to address the build up of chemical toxins in our food and water, excesses of heavy metals, and a gastro-intestinal imbalance between probiotic bacteria and yeast/pathogenic bacteria, the following regimen is offered for those so inclined.

These are over-the-counter preparations, and as such, are not prescribed by, authorized by, or endorsed by Edward M. Lichten, M.D. or his professional corporation. The material on these sites are for information only.


Nitro-Greens®: Nitro-green is a combination of chlorophyll containing natural 'greens' that serve as a mineral and vitamin supplementation program. Chlorophyll has been recognized for its detoxification properties from before written records and has been shown to be used by animals when they have ingested a substance that their body finds toxic.  Chlorophyll has been shown to decrease the concentration of yeast in the gastro-intestinal tract, thereby, reducing the interference with the normal absorption of nutrients.

Bio-Detox® Packs:

The box contains 30 packets of mixed supplements: ADP, Bromelain Plus CLA, Livotrit-Plus, Beta TCP, Bio-Protect, Optimal EFAs and MCS-2. One packet is taken with each meal.


NutriClear® serves as an intestinal healer and as a live detoxifier.  Use 2 scoops mixed with 1-2 scoops of Whey Protein Isolate or Chocolate Whey/ Egg White Protein in 8 ounces of water. Take this in the morning as a breakfast drink and in the mid-afternoon as a snack.

Whey Protein Isolate® or Chocolate Whey/ Egg White Protein®:

These serve as a healing agent for the gastro-intestinal tract and provides immune support. Use 1-2 scoops depending on your size; 1 scoop for 100-150 pounds; 2 scoops for 180 to 300 pounds.

Intenzyme Forte®:

This has a combination of proteolytic enzymes formulated to decrease inflammation. Take 5 tables with meals  (3 x per day) on an empty stomach for 3 to 6 weeks.   For better digestion, we add Ox-bile supplementation as well.

Elite® Vitamin Packages:

A superior package of vitamins, minerals and supplements. Take one package dividing between breakfast and dinner.



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